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Do you feel safe?Burglary business is booming. Every few minutes a break-in occurs. And the trend is rising. Unfortunately, the perpetrators have an easy time of it considering that only around 3% of allproperties and only 1% of private households have appropriate protection.


And yet it is possible to protect against theft and, most importantly against injury or lethal attack simply and affordably with the tried and tested LISTENER systems.


The LISTENER security systems can be installed at low cost and effort in any property requiring protection. Safeguarding extends to villas, houses, apartments, work areas, offices, doctors' practices, pharmacists as well as for yachts, house boats, mobile homes or caravans.


The LISTENER system permits freedom of movement for people and pets in the secured properties, thus providing efficient and unrestricted protection.


Protection for your family and property deserves full attention. Take some time to talk to us about your security.


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How large is the system's range?

You can effectively secure premises from 30 m² to 350 m² (323 to 3767 sq.ft.) with the LISTENER V3 and LISTENER V5. Adjacent garages or apartments as well as floor levels above are fitted with an additional radio sensor. This sensor is responsible for the security of the respective area and is remotely connected to the system's unit. Premises up to 120 m² (1292 sq.ft.) can be secured effectively with the system unit LISTENER V1.